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The following is a list of episodes from Primal. The series debuted on October 7, 2019 with a five-night premiere event of the first five episodes.[1] The rest of the season begun airing on October 4, 2020.[2]

A ten-episode second season has been ordered for 2021.[2]


Season 1 (2019-2020)

No. in season No. overall Episode title Original air date
1 1 "Spear and Fang" October 7, 2019
Tragedy forces a caveman and a dinosaur to rely upon each other for their survival.
2 2 "River of Snakes" October 8, 2019
Man and beast are challenged to find a way to exist together.
3 3 "A Cold Death" October 9, 2019
In the harshness of the primordial winter, a herd of woolly mammoths hunts for the murderers of one of their own.
4 4 "Terror Under the Blood Moon" October 10, 2019
The horrors of the red night challenges Spear and Fang for their very survival.
5 5 "Rage of the Ape-Men" October 11, 2019
An oasis of peace only leads to a brutal attack from a vicious tribe of apelike men.
6 6 "Scent of Prey" October 4, 2020
Spear struggles to nurse Fang back to health and escape the scavengers of the primordial world.
7 7 "Plague of Madness" October 11, 2020 (official)
April 1, 2020
A sick and unstoppable sauropod has set an eye for two new preys.
8 8 "Coven of the Damned" October 18, 2020
A tribe of mysterious, primitive shamanka seek to further their coven by using dark magic on Spear and Fang.
9 9 "The Night Feeder" October 25, 2020
An unseen terror stalks the night as well as our heroes, Spear and Fang.
10 10 "Slave of the Scorpion" November 1, 2020
Spear and Fang are confronted by a far more developed human than they've ever encountered before.

Season 2 (2021)

No. in season No. overall Episode title Original air date
1 11 TBA 2021


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