An individual mammoth that was seemingly weak and elderly. Spear and Fang hunted and killed this individual during their time in the tundra.


The beast was a large, gray-furred woolly mammoth, with it's grey fur being an indication of old age. Most noticeably, it was missing it's right tusk, which was possibly lost due to a past battle. Patches of the elder's fur were missing on several parts of it's body, further reinforcing that the mammoth was very ill.


The elderly mammoth once lived in a herd with other mammoths, but upon reaching an older age, it begun to have trouble keeping up with them. One day, it became separated from it's herd during a snowy blizzard. After the blizzard, while wandering aimlessly, the isolated animal fell prey to Spear and Fang after putting up a brief, violent fight. The two hunters took the deceased elderly mammoth's only tusk, as well as it's meat, skin and bones. What was left of the elderly mammoth was eventually discovered and scavenged upon by sabertooth wolves.

The elderly mammoth's herd later discovered it's remains and mourned for it. The herd tracked down the elderly mammoth's killers and, after a brief battle, took back the elderly mammoth's tusk. The herd delivered the tusk to a boneyard and continued to mourn for their fallen herd member. ("A Cold Death")



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